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    We're thrilled to be included in a great, new book about Ted Cohen.  Ted is an exhibition designer who is one of Gary's friends and long-time collaborators.  Gary says, "Ted Cohen is my hero.  He doesn't have an email address and he only wears COMME des GARÇONS."

    Buy the book at San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design bookstore. 

    Praise for the book:

    A new book, “The Object in Its Place: Ted Cohen; The Art of Exhibition Design” with texts by Signe S. Mayfield and others, and published by San Diego’s Mingei International Museum in association with Bay Area institutions, is a lavishly illustrated sourcebook of ideas and insights into the unique process by which Cohen—an inveterate collector with a magpie’s instinct—has distilled the vision of every curator he has worked with into more than 800 stunning exhibitions over a 60-year career. Personal stories and anecdotes also bring this self-styled “Mr. Fabulous’s" life into vivid focus! $32;  - Zahid Sardar

    What does a curator want from a designer? Someone who is easy to work with; with a keen visual sensibility, but the flexibility to adapt to any subject. Who makes exhibitions seem smarter, and the work in them look more beautiful. For generations of curators, Ted Cohen has been that designer. A man of surpassing skill and refined taste, he has taken countless projects and made them sing. His expertise in craft - his knowledge of the material, and sensitivity to materials - could not be more appropriate, for his work itself has all the hallmarks of great artisanship. This book is a moving and justified tribute to a great man. Page through it and you’ll see why. They don’t make ‘em like Ted Cohen any more, but with luck, this book will help inspire future generations to follow his example.          - Glenn Adamson