museum house l

architect: mcritchie design

builder: all coast construction

landscape designer: william peters

lighting designer: hiram banks lighting design

photography: matthew millman

2016 interior design magazine nominee for best of year here, everything—architecture, interior design, and art—has been conceived as a whole. this gestalt is palpable in the atmosphere of the rooms, in the sensation of being held by its white spaces.

“this house was conceived and put together with specific works in mind,” says hutton. “the judd, the warhol, and the bontecou were always going to go where they are. the client, architect, lighting designer, and i worked on the concept to make sure these things were all one.” additionally, the house required the latest in security and information technology systems with conveniences like retractable doors to take advantage of the salubrious, hollywood hills views and climate.

the design team selected and designed furnishings that reflected their materiality or are about texture. hutton’s custom dining table, for example, has a top made of neopariés, a byproduct of an industrial process used by a japanese electrical company. the base is a formation of five solid stainless steel rods, heat bent and welded together at the base with no visible seams. it weighs in at a quarter ton.