lagoon house

architect: a. quincy jones, restored by craig hudson

builder: joseph eichler, restored by rich patterson

landscape designer: william peters

lighting designer: hiram banks lighting design

photography: matthew millman

the marx house is a mid-century residence on the belvedere lagoon designed by architect a. quincy jones and postwar developer joseph eichler—one of only a dozen custom homes the community-minded eichler ever built. its open plan, glass walls, and enclosed garden room were signatures of its legendary creators.

the design team procured original plans from jones' widow and thoughtfully revived its historic importance. gary updated systems and restored unsympathetically renovated spaces. the majority of the remodel consisted of peeling away layers of inauthentic design and restoring, or improving upon, original materials. over the course of three years, the house came back to life. now it houses furnishings by mid-century designers and artworks of the era.