gary hutton bio

"gary hutton is the most famous, un-famous designer in america today. every editor, writer and good interior designer in our industry knows him and his inspired work." -thomas lavin, thomas lavin showroom, los angeles, california

gary hutton’s subversively beautiful modern work, and 40-year career, live at the intersection of interior design and fine art. functionally, hutton’s rooms embody the fine points of classic, gracious living. he activates traditional usage sculpturally via a modern design language that reaches for aesthetic clarity. working with the formal rules of beauty and light he delivers projects with clarity, lushness, emotion and delight.

hutton is a son of california who is often referred to as the “dean of west coast design”. formally trained in studio arts and interior design, his small, artful practice creates relevant, trendsetting interiors coveted by tastemakers in many fields and by clients in search of curated living.

hutton’s talent, engagement with process and 40-year career have always been admired by industry insiders. recently, broader audiences celebrate his creativity, innovation, problem solving and refined interior design work. client projects vary from small city apartments to multi-year new construction. hutton’s practice has rare experience in evolving shelter challenges like advanced technology, entertainment and security systems. concurrently, his studio has high-level expertise in sustainability standards and design for off-the-grid living. recent achievements include a new book titled art house.

hutton says, “i study art and design history continuously, together with the work of contemporary artists. that knowledge is present in design projects and available to every client. i used to feel that i worked out on a limb, but the culture has moved pretty far toward how i have always done things. these days, clients come for a variety of reasons, but usually, they want my unique point-of-view and value the studio’s connoisseurship as it translates into how they live. for these reasons, i’m intimately involved as design lead on everything the studio does. after 40 years, i still really love the interior design profession and our work.”

hutton grew up immersed in the classic california landscape of his grandmother’s 30-acre apple ranch located between the santa cruz mountains and the california coast. as a boy, hutton had the creative shock that comes from close encounters with the otherness of hollywood magic. by chance, he saw kim novak in a watsonville department store while she was staying nearby, filming vertigo for alfred hitchcock. the encounter with a larger world of beauty and glamour altered his perspective enduringly. transformative experiences still drive his warmly modern aesthetic and quiet luxe of his furniture designs.

in the early 70s, hutton studied fine arts and studio practice at uc davis under the tutelage of wayne thiebaud, robert arneson and manuel neri. their lust for materiality became central to hutton’s work, most visibly in his furniture and personal collections. next, hutton earned a degree in interior design from california college of the arts. his first project was a restaurant called today’s on union square in san francisco. truly innovative, the restaurant and its design drew san francisco’s most sophisticated and glittering audiences. the project published in interior design magazine in 1979 and the design world began to take notice.

the gary hutton furniture collection continues to gain attention and regard. launched in 1986, it pushed boundaries and reinforced hutton’s design point-of-view. a true trendsetter, his signature ciao table has been copied by some of the biggest home retailers in america.

hutton lectures at museums, showrooms and design venues internationally. he supports arts, design education and other social causes actively. highlights include co-chairing diffa's 2011 dining by design. his office is replete with awards, recognition and applause from the communities he serves with his altruism and talents.

in 2016, hutton collaborated with alisa carroll and matthew millman, to publish art house, (assouline, new york). the best-selling book chronicles various projects designed for long-time client, friend, and noted art collector, chara schreyer. recently, his work was acknowledged in interiors: the greatest rooms of the century (phaidon, london-new york-paris).