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    "ghd is a very collaborative environment where everyone does everything from specifying fabrics and finishes to meeting with fabricators, architects and contractors to meeting with clients for design approval. each of us is capable of doing it all and guiding a project or furniture design through all of the necessary stages, including concept and design development, drafting and detailing, budgeting, fabrication and project management."

    "i listen, and i talk to the clients, try to find out where they're coming from because what they say is not necessarily what they mean. i have to watch closely for visual clues of personal style. what is their clothing, their surroundings, their car? i observe them interacting with things in space, and how they move through that space. as a designer, i have to figure out my clients. what are they really after? they may not want to tell you. i also ask them to bring pictures of stuff they don't like. sometimes, you can get more information that way."

    "working for ghd is a continuing education in design partially due to the amazing books in the resource library. collections on a.a.rateau, andré arbus, jean-michel frank, and carlo scarpa are some that we’re often referring to time and time again for inspiration. searching through images of bathrooms by andrée putman is my latest obsession."